@cwebber The murder of RSS feeds and RSS feed readers like Google Readers gave room to algorithm-fed news posting and the rise of fake news networks, change my mind.

Reports are coming out of the United Kingdom that dissidents are being disappeared by state security forces for protesting the installment of Charles Windsor as supreme spiritual leader of the secretive hermit kingdom in the European far west. Pro-democracy groups are calling for free and fair elections in Britain but has so far been met with nothing but repression from the regime.

Britain-watchers have long seen Mr. Windsor as the hand-picked successor to the previous leader Elizabeth Windsor who died under mysterious circumstances last week and regard him as a hardliner who is unlikely to make any progress towards the transition to democracy. Shops, state media and public spaces are displaying portraits and praises of the previous leader and sources are already reporting the formation of a cult of personality around Mr. Windsor.

Britain remains a nation torn apart by centuries-old ethnic and religious divides. Despite the great wealth of the nation’s oligarchs little progress has been made to alleviate the humanitarian situation since the end of the civil war in the 1990’s.

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Whatever artistic or cultural statement organizers of #BurningMan planned to make this year will never be as important as the statement inadvertently made when all those people in the desert tried to drive home.

The most powerful cultural force in North America —car dependency.

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"Monarch used secretive procedure to become only person in country not bound by a green energy rule", just putting this out there again.


Fuck's sake, all we need now is the Queen to kark it and every. fucking. thing. to be about her majestic holiness for the rest of the bloody year. Flag-pocalypse.

Oh no. I just imagined the Starlink satellites as the low-earth orbit equivalent of AOL CDs. :flan_XD:

This is a weird one cos if I hadn't seen a similar pic before, I'd now assume this was one of those ML image generators fucking up.

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If you're in the UK and use energy, please pledge to stop paying your energy bills in October with dontpay.uk.

Even if you can afford it, please pledge, for solidarity with those that will be driven into poverty by the government pushing the price rises onto us, and not onto the producers who are filing massive profits right now.

Can't believe the vulture capitalists are gonna remove Heroku's free tier, in this, the 10th Year of Luigi


If Brian freakin' Kernighan can't figure git out, I officially refuse to feel bad for thinking git an incomprehensible horror.

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,,,,the sky above the television tuned to a dead channel was the color of a different, much older television tuned to a dead channel :(

The open source community needs to rescue email from the clutches of Google and Microsoft because it's almost impossible for the average person to run their own mailserver.

And this should be doable for anyone.

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