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BREAKING: Olivia Newton-John, who starred in "Grease" and dominated the pop culture of an era, has died at 73.

I have CSS on the .art instance that puts a very discreet blue dashed border around media that doesn't have alt-text. It's a way for people to see at a glance if media is described before choosing to boost it or not.

I've been seeing some images on the TL recently that don't have a border but also don't have alt text. Looked a little closer and found out that they just have a space in the alt text. So it's posting without that blue border, but still has no alt text.

FFS, people. Not cool.

I wrote a new blog post, because that's something I"m doing again. It's long, but I"m proud of it. livinglunarwolf.me/what-its-li

From Marques Brownlee,

This Smartphone is Built Different..., The Fairphone 4 is the most modular, sustainable phone in the world.


Greetings to the Fediverse this day.

RH Voice TTS works very well on this particular Chromebook I'm using. The Chromebook Duet from 2020.

I see that it recently got Talkback 12.1, though mind you I'm on Chrome OS 96 Beta.

For those with M1 Macs, the developer of Dystopia has flipped the switch for the app to be available in Mac Testflight and man what a joy it is to use if you like Reddit.

Greetings all, among the witching hour (at time of writing). Yeah, sleep is hard.

Anyway, I would like to share 4 Gemini Protocol clients with y'all. All are screen reader-friendly.

1. agregore
, a cross-platform GUI client.
2. Bombadillo
, a cross-platform Terminal client..
3. GemiNaut
, a GUI Gemini client exclusive to MS Windows.
4. Elaho
, a Gemini client for IPhone/IPad/Silicon-Macs.


Thanks to all who have followed me on here as well over the last 24 hours or so.


If anyone is interested in checking out the Super Demension Fortress world, please feel free to let me know in a mention/DM, and I shall guide ya along.

Hello to my mates among the Fediverse!

If you’re getting the error:

‘ZSH, Command Not Found’

when using home brew on Mac OS 12, follow the steps over at


, and all should be golden.

NB. the command to save output to Nano was written wrong by the author. The keystroeks are:

1. Control+X
2. Y for yes.
3. Enter to confirm.

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