Woody Woodpecker (not shown) in Room & Bored, 1962, a cartoon reel devoted entirely to Woody antagonizing a telephone lineman who is determined to build and maintain the infrastructure of our nation's vital telephone industry: archive.org/download/woody-woo

Woody Woodpecker in Bats in The Belfry, 1960, ft. another peculiar telephone

Woody Woodpecker (not shown) in His Better Elf, 1958, ft. some old wall phone parts stuck on a WE302 base


my wife is in period, so i miss her every time.
i'm horny

Nintendo reinvigorated? Sales of Cumming Mario DLC's show no signs of flagging.

Globalization is over. The global culture wars have begun.

Putin only cares about one thing, and it's not oligarchs:

A Realist Take on How the Russia-Ukraine War Could End:

This is how America Fights Back in an Economic War.

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