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The model of telephone, of which there are 16 in the image, is called the "Princess". So who could she be, if not Princess Phone?

I'd rather they lose their power than their heads. History suggests that, if they lose their heads, the power will just be picked up by others, & we'll soon be back in the same fix.

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What I am having trouble installing on an older Dell laptop is Windows 10. Not sure what the problem is.

Wow, a Next Generation Starfleet uniform with a cocked hat!

The Ethiopian Book of Enoch, or the Slavonic Book of Enoch?

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I have Ubuntu 18.04LTS running on a Thinkpad X220. It works very satisfactorily, although I use the LXDE desktop environment, because I can't stand the default one.

Why are you worried that the change of state of sda is on a rising edge of scl?

That's an interesting question. I have Callcentric, which is handy for things like their SMS feature, as well as the (free) SDF VoIP service, which I mostly use for dialing in to the conference bridge during the aNONradio OpenVoIP hour. I don't kid myself that it's anything other than a convenience.

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For decades, a Munich music publisher owned the rights to the tube for the Internationale, & charged the DDR 50 000 marks a year to use it (while allowing everyone else in the world, including the UdSSR, to use it for free).

I may need an older Windows 10 .iso ― but where would I get such a thing?

Aargh indeed.
Perhaps corresponding by post should be left in the physical domain!

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Concede that underlines are ugly, & also that there are equally good ways of making hyperlinks visually distinctive. Nevertheless it is true that users will expect linked text to be underlined, & underlined text to be a link. Unless you're doing some kind of experimental art thing, it's generally better to support the user's expectation than to confound it.

But I honestly think that many Web designers forget about the user entirely, which certainly explains usability problems.

I'll admit to having changed the default appearance of hyperlinks, but never in an attempt to hide them. In particular I will try to use differences of colour & typeface to make links within the site look different from links to external sites, which seems to me like something which should be more common.

The idea that Web designers consider body text unimportant is disturbing.

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Until about a decade ago, my grandparents had a pretty complete collection going back a long time, with individual issues back to the '20s, but much of it got water damaged.

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