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If only the server hadn't gone crazy at the top of the hour!

Does anybody know what this pin signifies? Before you suggest Google Reverse Image Search, I tried that, & it was completely helpless.

Ah, but what about their track “Searching for ODIN”?

The real question is, since Cameron FINALLY made his movie, will the anime be available again?

That seems like the only reasonable response, yes.

If I had to build a rigid shell around a star, presumably based on Fuller polyhedral geometry with n = 100 at least, I would start by building the vertices in a very high orbit, hundreds of AU out, where the relative motions were very slow. Then I would connect them with cables, & winch those in gradually. The mass recovered by drawing in such immensely long cables would be expended in building structural members & shell outward from the vertices, until they met at last.

Another problem is the disturbance of the thermodynamic balance of the host star. The classical Dyson sphere, mind (can I even say that?), is not a solid shell as such, but more of a cloud of independent entities. Even that would be difficult to manage, though.

The O'Neill future is still waiting for us, if we will only commit ourselves to the Universe instead of to self-destruction.

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For that link, you want to use VLC, or mpg123, or some other media player.
There is also a Web player widget, which may work for you, on the main page at

I'm a high-ridin' surfer
and it takes three crunchers and a heavy to wipe me out!

monthly Luna Project promotional post 

monthly Luna Project promotional post 

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The DNC will do everything they can to ensure that a progressive candidate is not leading their ticket, & that as few progressive candidates as possible are on ballots anywhere with (D) by their names. It's sad to say, but it's reality.
If the R Party disintegrates, at least 2/3 of the current D Party should form a new centre-right bloc with people like Romney.

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They don't have to. All they have to do is stay home.

I'm not very outgoing, but I sure have a lot of outgoing mail.

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