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At one time, in the USA at least, it was customary for the electric or gas company to send customers a periodic newsletter. A characteristic feature of these was a "home economics" situation, including recipes & meal suggestions.

I would rather drink from a nuclear fuel flask than watch "the debate". And thanks to some genius at Chem-Nuclear, I can do exactly that.

My grandfather built a house, & in it he installed an air conditioner designed by Albert Einstein.

Refer to US Patent 1,781,541.

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Don't just get trashed, get NUKED!

Why does this stuff exist? My best guess : the radiation safety folks at the station have to take routine samples of food and fodder plants, among other things, from the area to verify that people are not in danger from contamination. At that point, what could be more reasonable than to prepare samples of the form in which the fruit is consumed? Purely for scientific reasons, as a double check, you understand.

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When just getting regular drunk won't do, there's ATOMIC MOONSHINE.

Thanks to smj, one of our future selections will be this novel by the wealthiest man to die in the wreck of the RMS TITANIC.

The size of your shoes indicates that you are unlikely to fall over in a mild earthquake.

Need to get the black-light out & do some good photos of my uranium glass pieces.

It is now 49 years since the Act of Congress creating the National Railroad Passenger Corporation went into effect, in an attempt to salvage passenger rail service in the USA. We continue to limp along.

At the time of this ad (1962), Bulova had already released the Accutron, a true departure in timekeeping ― but insisted in its advertising that it was NOT a "watch".

The editors of the National Geographic Magazine in the 1960s really liked to run images across the center of a two-page spread. This is one of six examples in a 19-page article!

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