Need to get the black-light out & do some good photos of my uranium glass pieces.

It is now 49 years since the Act of Congress creating the National Railroad Passenger Corporation went into effect, in an attempt to salvage passenger rail service in the USA. We continue to limp along.

At the time of this ad (1962), Bulova had already released the Accutron, a true departure in timekeeping ― but insisted in its advertising that it was NOT a "watch".

The editors of the National Geographic Magazine in the 1960s really liked to run images across the center of a two-page spread. This is one of six examples in a 19-page article!

As computers are used more and more, it is likely that computer crime will become increasingly difficult to carry out.

Thinking of ordering a batch of stickers with this design. Maybe I'm a wretched graphic designer.

Does anybody know what this pin signifies? Before you suggest Google Reverse Image Search, I tried that, & it was completely helpless.

monthly Luna Project promotional post 

We are in the process of sending one of these parcels to each of the chapters of the National Space Society & Moon Society. That is a minimum of $5.30 in glorious space postage stamps to any US address, $20.75 to Canada, even more to other countries. So your support is much appreciated.

Cheques or money orders may be sent to :
C.D. Carson
Box 1035
Fort Worth
TX 76101

Electronic payments may be directed by way of :

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monthly Luna Project promotional post 

From the beginning, we have used two slogans, “The Stars are Ours!” expressing the long-term goal of the O’Neill future, & “Luna City or Bust!” expressing the proximate means of getting to that future from our current planetbound existence.

Send $10 (US domestic addresses only please), and receive a tube containing 2 posters with each slogan (total 4), 10 issues of our newsletter «Luna!», & 2 pin-back badges.

mail chauvanism 

$250 in US postage stamps, to within 1%. 29¢ is the highest denomination, & most of it is 10¢ or lower.

This is nearly unreadble, I fear. I may get better results scanning in chunks, but the LP jacket hangs over the ends of the scanner, so it's mostly out of focus.

monthly Luna Project promotional post 

The objective this month is to send one of these tubes, as well as a copy of “Lunarcy!” (which has to go separately), to all the chapters of the National Space Society.
This, in turn, involves a lot of postage, which costs money. Here is a view of the sort of postage which will be used to send out this mail.

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