Seriously, if it weren't in Russian, one would think this were a King Crimson track.

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To be clear, the CDs I am making are the standard 12 cm (3 inch) round "single" size. The labels I happen to have, however, are "business card" format, 8 to a sheet.

I'm planning to make up promotional mini-CDs to hand out. Hopefully this lead-out bumper, in combination with the disc labels, will cover the necessary information.

I had the idea of promoting my show by distributing "teaser" mini-CDs, for instance, at science fiction conventions. I already have blank CD-R media in the 8 cm size, & recently I bought several sheets of "business card" format label blanks. So now I'm trying to come up with something that works.

Comments welcome.

My Argentinean Atomic Energy Commission 15-year service medal came. This thing is going to make a great watch fob.


Oddly, the function for selecting a different thumbnail image doesn't seem to work.

My latest bizarre watch purchase.

I apprehend this beats all the others.

I think people misunderstand "Earth Day", perhaps disastrously so.

We didn't understand the Earth until we had seen it from outside. So how can we expect to cope with the problems we face here on Earth, if we restrict ourselves to actions and solutions we can implement here?

I applied for dearMoon. They'd be mad not to take me. MAD, I SAY!

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