More pro-nuclear handouts for Germans. A friend commissioned the "atomic flower" logo from the same artist who created the "atomic fist" logo I use so much.

Tomorrow there will be a pro-nuclear-energy rally in Augsburg, followed by one at the power plant at Gundremmingen.

I made flyers.


Seriously, if it weren't in Russian, one would think this were a King Crimson track.

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To be clear, the CDs I am making are the standard 12 cm (3 inch) round "single" size. The labels I happen to have, however, are "business card" format, 8 to a sheet.

I'm planning to make up promotional mini-CDs to hand out. Hopefully this lead-out bumper, in combination with the disc labels, will cover the necessary information.

I had the idea of promoting my show by distributing "teaser" mini-CDs, for instance, at science fiction conventions. I already have blank CD-R media in the 8 cm size, & recently I bought several sheets of "business card" format label blanks. So now I'm trying to come up with something that works.

Comments welcome.

My Argentinean Atomic Energy Commission 15-year service medal came. This thing is going to make a great watch fob.


Oddly, the function for selecting a different thumbnail image doesn't seem to work.

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