So the US Supreme Court has begun the process of brining the United States back to the 1900s. This leaked draft decision is the blueprint for that very purpose.

Expect them to kill Obergfell, Lawrance, Grswald, and even Loving next. This is only the beginning and sadly, I can't see any fight back because the US and states are just too gerrymandered and corrupt to do so.




I'm sure they care a lot more about Loving v Virginia than about Obergefell v Hodges. The latter is the one they'll go after first, because it's more recent, and easier to get the plebs riled up about. But it's the former which opens a door to go back to Plessy v Ferguson.

I actually despise the majority opinion in Brown v Board of Ed, because it fails to enuntiate that "separation of the races" is unconstitutional because the "races" have no real existence.

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@publius read this piece form September of last year that SCOTUS will go after a lot of those things.

I feel the dark scenario is going to happen.

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