Starbucks (as seen at Newark Airport) : "Only 2% of all coffee grown in the world is Arabica! We use only Arabica coffee!"

Also Starbucks : roasts the beans so hard you can't tell Arabica from Robusta from wasabi peas.

@publius Ah, ERW - an old haunt. Still nicer than the Philly airport or Newark Penn Station.



A flight out of Newark Liberty, heading northward at night, gives a lovely view of New York City from the right-hand side of the aircraft.

On the other hand, you will be held up at the counter behind a long line of black-clad bearded men checking in for the flight to Tel Aviv, each with a cart loaded down with the biggest suitcases you have seen in your life. For once I think their wives (waiting to one side, out of the line) are getting the better deal.

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@publius Oh yeah, it's a gorgeous view. On our way back from FL on July 5th we flew over NY and observed the fireworks. They're way better when you can't hear them. I hope you have a nice journey and the airlines aren't too crazy.


This was actually before Christmas. I posted about it just now because I was reminded by the coffee-drinker in the household grinding his beans.

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