Just for a moment I thought maybe the online ebt program might be useful to me. Nope. I don't shop the Big Box Monopolies.

Still no way to get whole dry green peas without blowing real cash. Not worth it.

If I lived somewhere else, I might have lots of possibilities. But, because I live in a small town where I can't get stuff . . . I can't get stuff.



Interesting. I understood there was a program to allow people to use SNAP benefits at farmers' markets, but I don't know how far that has spread, or what similar efforts there are.

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@publius So far it is limited to large grocery stores and worse things. You have to live in their delivery area, which I don't, except for WalFart and Assmazon - which neans there's nothing for me.

I use the farm market tokens gleefully, and the little market next door takes SNAP. Any store I can physically get to is OK. But they don't have my Holy Grail: whole dry green peas.

So I won't have pea sprouts unless whole peas come back to local stores.

Not life threatening, lol


I don't think I have ever used or encountered pea sprouts in cooking, although I make a mean pot of pease porridge, with split peas.

@publius I eat them raw. It's like shuckin fresh peas any time of year, without the garden. 😋

@publius P.S. Also, just slightly sprouting any legume lets you make soup with NO FARTS in it. 😎

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