Tomorrow there will be a pro-nuclear-energy rally in Augsburg, followed by one at the power plant at Gundremmingen.

I made flyers.

Unfortunately much people think that nuclear reactors are far more dangerous than they are...
Actually it is even safer than any other form of generating energy. Though people don't know or realize that. :(
My chemistry teacher, who might be one of the best ones in the Netherlands, would even not mind living near one. Sure, if anything goes wrong badly he is among the first ones to die, but that chance is quite small with all safety measures.
And actually, with most big nuclear disasters there died only a few people because of it.



I was glad to see that nuclear was getting a bit more attention in the Netherlands, thanks to a comedy show!

When people ask me if I worry (at home in Texas, USA) about being downwind from a nuclear power station, I answer, better that than the large open-pit lignite station about the same distance away.

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Yeah, that television show did indeed increase the attention here in the Netherlands fortunately.
Also much people refer to that video when talking about nuclear energy here.

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