Unashamed space colonist & atomic energy enthusiast. Getting ourselves out of tight spots using technology is pretty much what we humans DO. Appeared in the 2012 documentary “Lunarcy!” & still occasionally get contacted by people who have seen it recently on CBC. Low-key supervillain, looking to build a better world that will be worth conquering. Not a typography nerd, but enjoy using LaTeX.


Most guides to learning LaTeX pretty much skip over the "letter" class on the grounds that it's awkward & most people don't find it particularly worthwhile. I actually use it pretty often. I guess that must make me extra weird!

@publius Ive tried a few docs but none are that ugh hahah. It’s a bit tricky. What would you suggest?



Honestly? I purchased a copy of the book, "LaTeX, A Document Preparation System", second edition (make sure you get the second edition!) by Leslie Lamport, for a few bucks on-line somewhere. I've found that the best resource.

"Formatting Information, an Introduction to Typesetting with LaTeX" by Peter Flynn ; "LaTeX, an Unofficial Reference Manual" (home.gna.org/latexrefman), "Text Formatting with LaTeX, a Tutorial", & "The Not So Short Introduction" by Tobias Oetker, are good too.

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