Someone I do not know emailed me birthday greetings 16 days before my real date and uses an abbreviated form of my name I never use. An obvious case of mistaken identity. My email account is over 20 years old. He's asking me if I received his birthday greeting.
Do I:

@cosullivan guaranteed this is someone fishing for active email addresses and as a bonus accurate names and birthdays. It’s along the lines of “does Stuart still work here?” (Who?) “Ted. Jim. Bill.” (You mean John?) “Johnny, that’s our man. His house up on Main Street is a beauty.” (I thought he lived on Third.) “Right, right, anyway, thanks, see ya, gotta go collect from John on Third.”

@onan Oooh, I'll send him an email via anonymous email platform, and send him links to 'Renew Geocaching Account' and the GoFundMe for my husband's ludicrous hospital bills.

@cosullivan That's the stuff. Stranger wants information? Give that stranger strange information, by the barrel full.


@onan @cosullivan

Strange Information is my whole stock in trade.

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@publius Which is why, despite your youth, I enjoy writing with you. Or maybe your curmudgeon quotient is above one standard deviation @onan

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