Here's a video clip of me enthusing over a piece of currency which is probably very familiar to, among others, @cosullivan :

@publius Fun to do with a laser pointer on some polymer $5 CDN issues: position the beam into the small translucent maple leaf: 53-second mark

@cosullivan @publius lmfao!

also, they have a bit of a burnt-sugar smell when they are warm coming out of an ATM. because of the polymer, i think. people say it smells like maple syrup.

@nev @publius The $100 Robert Bordens have a maple scent to them. An American pointed this out to me when I lived in Seattle.
(no, @publius, I am not sending you a $100 CDN bill)

@cosullivan @publius i guess this is how you can tell i've never handled a $100 bill before 😂

@cosullivan @nev

I have C$70 in notes (plus the $5 in the video) from the last time I was there. At the time I was anticipating returning to The True North Strong & Free within 6 to 9 months.

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