I have a blue tie with blue-white heffalumps.

@publius nice one. If it doesn't make you feel to naked, how about loosening the top shirt button?

What, in this weather? I haven't seen the high side of 10°C all week.
Besides which, that isn't really my style. Generally, if the button is undone, the tie is too.

@publius I see, not generally a problem in my locale. Maybe I should expand into scarf knots, though. I was a bit into that as well when I still lived in Sweden.

The climate here is generally warm to hot, but the actual weather is highly variable. Once in 10 years or so we will get down below freezing & stay there for a week or more. Nothing like Sweden, obviously! But I have a limited tolerance for cold ― Helsinki in August was as chilly as I ever like to be.

That's a common misconception. Mostly it's just very, very dull.

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