Maybe I should make it some kind of monthly reminder :
If you want to see the 2012 documentary "Lunarcy!", in which I appeared ―

Canadians can watch it via the CBC.

Otherwise, if you have a US mailing address, I'm happy to send you a "screener" DVD. With postal rates as they are, I'd use up too many of my higher-value stamps mailing to foreign addresses.

@publius I watched it. I highly recommend it. It inspired me to dream something big even if it's impossible... there's absolutely nothing wrong to dream of the impossible! 👍✨

@publius and a lot of hi tech stuff nowadays started of as an impossible dream!!

also I love that documentary's cinematography 👍 shout out to Toronto director Simon Ennis (and I remembered his name this time LOL)

@publius who wld've imagined wireless communication, space exploration, the Internet, computers, animation to becoming a reality! They were all just scifi in the Victorian era. I'm looking forward to extra-terrestrial colonization, time travel, human ESP enhancement, proof that Ancient Astronaut theory is real, human-like AIs in the nearfuture! 🤪👍

@publius unless "God" decides we Homo sapiens are bad and kills us all with one swipe of a gigantic meteor or a grand deluge (hint hint -- global warming, polar ice meltdown) and sending the more superior Homo sapiens 2.0b1 to populate earth idk or maybe just no Homo genus and just cute furry "animals" on earth LOL 🙈💦💦

Are you having one of those "Giant Meteor" days?

@publius I searched a few documentary-themed subsites of and found only an abstract.
However, it DOES seem to stream from the Vancouver Public library and the Toronto Public library's co-branaded sites. My spouse at present has my library card, fetching a hold for me, else I'd watch "Lunarcy" immediately.

I believe @snowdusk_ succeeded in streaming it, but you'd have to ask him for the details.

@publius @cosullivan we have Bell FibeTV and the Documentary channel... and it is one of the videos "on demand"... that's how i watched it 😅

@publius As you know, I have a US post box. I'd like to accept your kind offer for a screener DVD, as my research efforts aren't yielding anything. The may have "Lunarcy!" in its library, but not in its schedule, nor in its documentary website, although I did see a fun documentary on in .

Please send me your mailing address, either by e-mail, or by a letter or postcard to :

Box 1035
Fort Worth
TX 76101
(I give out this address at the end of my aNONradio shows, so it's pretty public.)

I ask for neither money nor US postage is required, although I will of course accept both gratefully. Please allow some extra time, as I'm down to my last copy, & have to get some more DVD-Rs ― I found a good deal on Craigslist, but the guy isn't available until next week.

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