Had a discussion about conferences with our director. My argument is that the uselessness of 95% of conference talks that are dull/bland/boring massively outweighs the 5% that aren't a total trainwreck. Though if you're going for the networking, I think that's a different case

@halfmanhalfdonut If so, it sounds as though the people organizing the conferences are doing a terrible job, & most likely have no clear objectives.

I think that's a fair assessment. I haven't really been to any good conferences as a whole


@halfmanhalfdonut I have volumes of proceedings, & similar publications, which certainly give the impression that there have been some good conferences over the years. And I’ve found Space Access, New Worlds, & the ISDC at least somewhat worthwhile.

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I don't doubt that there are, I just haven't been lucky enough to attend one. It could be that my industry just isn't that interesting

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