@tomasino well, I really hope everything turns out ok. Keep us posted!

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Learn how to write 8-bit code in your browser. You can even see the results in real time! 8bitworkshop.com/

@andyc I have asthma and need an inhaler. Went to three pharmacies, no luck. They were all out of stock. I finally managed to get one on the fourth. This is outrageous.

Remember the two Italian guys who 3D printed dozens of breathing valves and saved at least 10 people from dying? Well, now the company that makes the valves threatens to sue them. EAT THE RICH.


@cs hey! There's a fantastic website that tells you which kind of glue you should use depending on the materials: thistothat.com/

Want to know what the CIA's root password was? Buckle up:


No, seriously: theregister.co.uk/2020/03/05/c

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14.03. - Happy π-Day everybody ! What's your best Pi Day Pie Recipe?

Wage theft is theft, and it's happening at a scale we can't even begin to comprehend

A perfect lava dome photographed in Hawaii by J.B. Judd, circa 1969:

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