I finally set up my raspberry pi :)

I wonder what to do next. A nextcloud server is in order, for sure, but I'm tempted to set up a gopher server... still don't know, I'm quite a noob

if I'm to install a gopher server what would you choose, pygopherd or bucktooth? I've no idea od the pros and cons, if there are any.

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@professor gophernicus is very popular and easy to use. Geomyidae has some cgi benefits and a simplified gophermap syntax. Or you can go minimal and strict with motsognir, like me.

@tomasino Thanks for the advice but now I'm even more undecided haha...

I'll do my own research and keep you posted!

I'm running pygopherd for no reason other than it was the one that showed up with:

apt-cache search [Gg]opher | grep [Ss]erver

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