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“Pupil movements, body poses and nose scrunching are among the flickers of human expression that Meta wants to harvest in building its metaverse, according to an analysis of dozens of patents recently granted to Facebook’s parent company.”

Do you understand now what I mean when I say they’re trying to build the perfect behavioural analysis and manipulation laboratory? That you’re the lab rat in Silicon Valley’s business model? Do you get why I call it “people farming?”

Who tf at canonical thought using snap was a good idea

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Now I'm stuck waiting for fucking snap to finish installing chromium

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If Ubuntu is gonna install a package with snap, it should at least warn me before doing so. Not warn me WHILE doing so.

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if "homegrown domestic extremist terrorism" is really on the rise, shouldn't the federal government be looking into the cause instead of just treating the symptoms?

just like modern western medicine prefers to treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals, it's as if allopathic thought pervades society.

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Folks, I remember seeing a someone's personal page (sort of like a cv/resume) in the style of a manpage, but I can't find it... If anyone can point me to it, I'd really appreciate it.

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Reminder:the real existential threat to Free Software isn't the make-up of the FSF governance board. It's US multinational corporations funding legal reports encouraging companies to shun Copyleft licensed software, calling it "too risky" for business use. (of course, if you want to see a real legal minefield, take a gander at any proprietary EULA... if you can find one - they tend to be completely hidden). Also: the shade thrown by Github and MSFT on Copyleft at every opportunity..

pol, git branch name issue 

I think renaming whitelist-blacklist to allowlist-{block,deny}list was a good change. There's no reason to assume that black==exclude/bad.

But renaming master to main...


Garry Kasparov: Chess Grandmain.

Never more I'll wake on a snowy bed
Never - 'til the sun fails and the moon is dead

Folks, if I play this video on my PC, the voice sounds just fine... but if I play it on my phone, the voice is gone, as if it were a karaoke. WTF

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In other news, I planted a few plants two days ago, they were gifts from friends. It made me happy.

I had a few weeks with the turmeric but hadn't planted it and that made me anxious.
I planted the papaya a few months ago but my turtles almost killed it, then the ants tried to eat it, so I transplanted it to a safe spot.
The lemon balm had bugs, and almost withered when I brought it home, but is quickly recovering.
The ginger is just beautiful.

The papaya and lemon balm are serious fighters.

I'm almost sure my hacked-together script can set it up faster, but I should back up that claim.

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It took Ansible 30 minutes to set up a Terraria server on the cheapest droplet... wtf

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