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Join us and make free software, hackers,
You’ll be freeeeee,
You.l be freeeeee...

Someone just sent a patch for one of my toy projects adhlkjfhjfdg

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reading recommendation 

Periodic reminder that #GNU manuals are actually pretty good, have a lot of good sarcasm and interesting technical details and reasons you probably didn't know but would like to.

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Apple and Google debut Bluetooth-based contact-tracing platform to combat Covid-19...and end privacy

The app will work by sharing identifying information between nearby phones across a Bluetooth connection and notifying users when they have come into contact with an infected person, or one who later turns out to be infected. Its servers have a 14-day ‘memory’ of devices that have crossed paths.

What could possibly go wrong with two trustworthy corporations like those?

"Bill Gates: Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it."



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If there are any upper-case characters in your Github URL I'm silently judging your UNIX cred.

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Bolivian politics / capitalism 

Remember the coup in Bolivia, where Evo Morales was removed from power after alleged election fraud?

Turns out the fraud was all fabricated.

The OAS quickly released a statement saying the election was fraudulent after Evo Morales won by a fraction of a percent over the required 10% lead. However, this recent report by MIT proves the election was not fraudulent. The OAS, NED and ultimately Washington have a lot to answer for. They orchestrated a coup in a left wing country with an indigenous president with nationalised mining industry just as the global demand for Lithium (Bolivia has the largest discovered deposits in the world) was increasing due to it being necessary for electric car batteries, the nonsense greenwashed solution to the climate crisis. This is capitalism and the state working together to open new markets at the expense of everything else.

Thanks to @django for the original post.
#Bolivia #Morales

Replaced rvm for rbenv and feel like a weight's been taken off my shoulders.

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Computer Secrets!

💻 Most computers flower only once every 100 years, but some flower and bear fruit each year if well watered and cared for

💻 The opposite of a computer is ghosts

💻 We all just pretend UNIX exists

💻 Processor cycles are marketing hype. We have all been on a 24-hour processor cycle since the early 1990s

💻 The Bible was originally written and compiled in QBASIC

💻 "USB keys" is the scientific term for computer egg sacs

💻 Variables with $ in their names are only usable by premium coders

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20 minutes to 2020. Just in case I forget: Happy new year, Fedifriends!

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I love you, and if I heard someone talking about you the way you talk to you, I'd punch them square in the mouth

love yourself

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If the media wrote about the UK like they do to Latin American countries

Popup windows in vim are cool af but I'm afraid it's going to turn into emacs.

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