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Just confirmed that being hydrated saves you from hangover.

i don't mind feeling sad... just... wasn't expecting it...

Also, in Examined Life, all the philosophers are interviewed in normal places... all of them but Žižek, who is interviewed in a dumpster.

But that's off topic. To keep it short: I'm unlearning old stuff, and I think that's good.

The ones that won my heart immediately were the stoics and Schopenhauer:

The stoics, because their logic is so simple it doesn't fail. It's solid as a rock, it's noble, and useful for the everyday life.

Schopenhauer, because he's incredibly methodic and easy to follow. Also, he's so witty and sassy you forget you're reading something serious.

I mention those two because, of the few I have read, Camus and Nietzsche are the most passionate, and their philosophies are powered on feelings, on "moods". That's why I struggled so much with them.

When I read Camus and Nietzsche I always read them thinking first and foremost if what they exposed made sense from _my_ point of view.

How can you grow and learn new stuff if you don't lower your guard? If you judge everything 24/7? You can't.

But that's not all, I didn't only disrespect a field, I disrespected the way people think.

"The way you think is stupid because you don't sustain your beliefs/arguments in logic, therefore, you're stupid."

Fuck that. Who cares if it doesn't make sense. Be happy, believe whatever you want to believe. I'm not better than anyone because I like math and knowledge.

Psychology didn't look logic, it didn't make sense, I couldn't achieve the same results everytime following the same steps.

But, you know, humans aren't always logic. Psychology might not be perfect, it might not make sense all the time, but at least it helps and guides the way to understand the mind, and that's helpful and constructive, unlike bashing a field of knowledge, like I did.

For example: psychology. I always disliked psychology -even before learning the basics of logic- because the field had (still has) lots of things that seem made up. Psychology was inpure when I compared it to math and physics and chemestry and even biology.

But in this process of living life and growing up, I've realised that I might actually be wrong: life is too big and there are too many things unknown to be judged as right or wrong from a castle made of sand.

I stood high on my little domain that explained the world, and from there I judged everything and everyone, deeming them worthy or not depending on how much they made sense from my point of view.

Don't misunderstand me: I love philosophy, always have. I like to think... a lot, although I might not be very good when introspecting (i.e. thinking about my self)

I used to have a really fixed frame of mind until really recently (~this year). I thought that science, math, logic (and all the things humans achieved thanks to it) could serve as the base or ground where I could build my world... and it worked, in a way.

Just watched Examined Life (2008) and man, philosophers could be great writers.

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