pol, git branch name issue 

I think renaming whitelist-blacklist to allowlist-{block,deny}list was a good change. There's no reason to assume that black==exclude/bad.

But renaming master to main...


Garry Kasparov: Chess Grandmain.

Never more I'll wake on a snowy bed
Never - 'til the sun fails and the moon is dead


Folks, if I play this video on my PC, the voice sounds just fine... but if I play it on my phone, the voice is gone, as if it were a karaoke. WTF


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In other news, I planted a few plants two days ago, they were gifts from friends. It made me happy.

I had a few weeks with the turmeric but hadn't planted it and that made me anxious.
I planted the papaya a few months ago but my turtles almost killed it, then the ants tried to eat it, so I transplanted it to a safe spot.
The lemon balm had bugs, and almost withered when I brought it home, but is quickly recovering.
The ginger is just beautiful.

The papaya and lemon balm are serious fighters.

I'm almost sure my hacked-together script can set it up faster, but I should back up that claim.

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It took Ansible 30 minutes to set up a Terraria server on the cheapest droplet... wtf

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Join us and make free software, hackers,
You’ll be freeeeee,
You.l be freeeeee...

Someone just sent a patch for one of my toy projects adhlkjfhjfdg

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reading recommendation 

Periodic reminder that #GNU manuals are actually pretty good, have a lot of good sarcasm and interesting technical details and reasons you probably didn't know but would like to.

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Apple and Google debut Bluetooth-based contact-tracing platform to combat Covid-19...and end privacy

The app will work by sharing identifying information between nearby phones across a Bluetooth connection and notifying users when they have come into contact with an infected person, or one who later turns out to be infected. Its servers have a 14-day ‘memory’ of devices that have crossed paths.

What could possibly go wrong with two trustworthy corporations like those?

"Bill Gates: Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it."


source: reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comme

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If there are any upper-case characters in your Github URL I'm silently judging your UNIX cred.

Replaced rvm for rbenv and feel like a weight's been taken off my shoulders.

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