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@manu last server I built was 16.04 but seems to have changed in 18.04. Must be a reason I guess...

I haven't built an server for a while. Just discovered /etc/network/interfaces has been replaced with a Yaml thing... Why? At least LTS in good for 10 years now 👍

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I fucking love #BSD. #FreeBSD and #OpenBSD both for a myriad of reasons.

Over the last week I've built the most robust / secure / efficient / stable / simple / elegant system I've ever fucks'd with.

I've had such a blast with all the technical / engineering aspects, but the best thing has been that the project is for an urgent and meaningful need - one that will hopefully help volunteers rapidly enter critical data to support our collective work.

So. Psyched!

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Pls click here if you missed the live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix show earlier and would like to hear it from the archives 👉

Tonite I featured artists like:

Meat Beat Manifesto
Frank De Wulf
Digital Boy
Sweet Exorcist
Sons of Nippon
Renegade Soundwave
The Crystal Method
Model 500

Enjoy! ✌️🎶

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hey boost this toot and I won't draw a picture of your profile pic

going out for a beer, with this storm I hope I make it back. if I do I will have a listen to fingers crossed

@snowdusk_ thanks for the link. it's the weekend so will probably be awake

@snowdusk_ that will be 1am for me, I will set a reminder

@snowdusk_ cheers, listened to one of your intergalactic Wasabi mixes. good work!

@solderpunk I have had the free version for over a year. I haven't experienced any issues. To be fair, I am a light use but, so far, so good

@mpg I am having fun working this out. I think I am getting there too..

@nydel thanks for the follow, real new to this. not sure you will even get this...

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