this is my 'hello world' moment. new to this but will hopefully get it...

@plexus Welcome to Mastodon!! You will love it here! 👏👏👏

@snowdusk_ cheers, listened to one of your intergalactic Wasabi mixes. good work!

@plexus AWESOME! ✌️Thank you so much! 🙏 when you have a chance tune in live! 😅 I will be live tonite from 9-10PM EDT 🤪


@snowdusk_ that will be 1am for me, I will set a reminder

@plexus YIKES! So late for you... YOu can always catch the show from the archives if you miss it.. I usually post it here on Mastodon after the show OR you can listen to it from immediately after the show ✌️

@snowdusk_ thanks for the link. it's the weekend so will probably be awake

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