I oppose Biden's mandates. Consider how there's no exceptions for large workplaces already at herd immunity levels of vaccination, and it's obvious this is just using OSHA to affect the larger society. A legal workaround, like the TX abortion law.

But get vaccinated anyway.

@pleiades then please also don't ever leave your house thank you.


@wjmaggos If you are scared you can stay home yourself, I'll leave my house whenever I feel like 😀

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@pleiades I'm asking you to contribute to the greater good. crazy I know.

@wjmaggos Falling victim of a scam and submitting to fascism may not be the best way of contributing to the greater good, that's crazy man.

@pleiades you could be right. we could also be in a simulation. but I think you're wrong.

what's nice is how your alternative understanding is also perfectly in line with not having to inconvenience yourself at all. but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it. a better theory about fascist takeover is that they concocted a virus that mostly only kills years later if you don't take their fake vaccine, so that they could weed out only the disobedient. why only eliminate the good slaves?

@wjmaggos Perhaps a process not so focused on killing but on control. Yes people has died from COVID, albeit not at such inflated numbers ("we need to be a little bit more scary to the public" s3.eu-central-1.wasabisys.com/). People are also dying from the vaccine. The whole thing smells, yet you trustfully accept getting several mRNA therapies. But I respect it, your body your choice.


The most widely used vaccine worldwide is made the traditional way.

In the US, if you only count 6% (from vs with) of the COVID deaths but take the highest claimed number of vax deaths, still more from COVID. And 4x as many have been vaxxxed than infected.


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