I think I don't know what to post on here any more 🤷

Sort of feels a bit like walking into a busy cafe and talking about some random topic to the room 📣

Who are you all? Who am I?? ⁉️

There are lots of lovely people on here, I want to inhabit physical space with you though, not typing into this little box! 🌳 🏕️

Maybe I'm losing faith in a tech-centric approach to emancipation 😖

I want to (and do) engage with my local place more now 🏘️

What do you make of this, my cafe of random people? ☕


@nicksellen Hi! I'm just some rando :P
I like what you said.
For me this is a part of me disconnecting, and connecting more IRL.
I'm almost out of twitter. Def. out of FB. I just got a flipfone.
My anxiety is definitely going down.

I could see at some point talking to someone from activitypub IRL. Because I trust it more. Bad people get banned way easier.

The "algorithm" FB and twitter use that purposefully puts mutually antagonistic content in each other's feeds, is not happening here.

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