Kraftwerk live in Soest, Winter 1970 | First Techno (Kraftwerk 1970)

my father’s childhood 45 record. his father was involved with rebuilding japan after WWII through and later went to work for Kyu Sakamoto  @takagi_jinjya  

‪The winner of the PDP-7 B challenge is Karl Koscher @supersat with a ROTish display of cuspy code. Honorable mentions: @twylo Mary Ann Horton and Dan Cross - enjoy the and rice 🍚

MC is up.
Live Long and Prosper!
Shine Brightly and Phosphor!
Who is Bill Gosper?
Ask not, Grasshopa

WebRTC, Javascript, Security Auditing, Minimalist Design, Documentation Writing.

A completely different beast. HTTP://VOLUNTARY.NET/

Decentralize 02 / VoluntaryNet: The Digital Public Square

There is a and lively living on . For those who know the internet on port 80, check out and get a peek.

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