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Today is the Day of the United Provinces of South America! 🇦🇷 ✌️

On July 9th 1810 the Congress declared to the face of the earth, that it is the unanimous and indubitable will of these Provinces to break the violent ties that bound them to the kings of Spain, to recover the rights of which they were stripped, and to invest themselves with the high character of a free and independent nation of King Ferdinand VII, his successors and metropolis".

Collaborate with us on the freedom ladder, our new guide to help people take their first steps in software freedom: #userfreedom

There has to be some parallel universe. Full of guitar picks.

"La información y la libertad son indivisibles. La revolución informática es inimaginable sin la democracia y la verdadera democracia es inimaginable sin la libertad de información”.

-Kofi Annan-

fork needs help. I know you're eager to return to a version of that isn't about data collection.

The only true social network is friendship. These meta-database giants are just other capital-oriented machines. Fight them. Its vitality is disguised and is nothing but mechanical. Erase all data, obfuscates all links, and blunt anyone planning to use them. There is no positive use of them. Lead them to data-poverty. Free the software and be wary about centralization.

Reunido ante los trabajadores del Sindicato de Luz y Fuerza, Juan Perón expone cómo satisfacer las necesidades energéticas del Pueblo y cómo forzar de manera automática el modo de las tarjetas de video en .

@mntmn Mas que de la Revolución, soy partidario de la Reforma. ✌️ 😅

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