Today in Argentina is the Day of the Rights of the Highschool Students.

It's a remembrance for the students dissapeared on sept16 1976.

The Highschool Student Union had been demonstrating for a reduced price transport ticket.

The civic-military dictatorship on power set several parapolicial groups as repressive measure against the student movements.

During this "Night of the Pencils", ten highschoolers were kidnapped and tortured. Only four survived, The remaining are still missing.

Lisi loves Paint on . She draws Ladybug with a flower a cloud and two birds.

But setting colors in HEX is too much for her... I made the red!

74 years ago Female Voting Rights were granted and enacted in Argentina!

En el tiempo en que vivimos, no es extraño que quieran espiar tus puertos en Puerta de Hierro.

¡Por ello el General Perón te enseña a pseudo-anomizar el uso de tus programas telemáticos en la terminal gracias a la Red Oscura ! ✌️

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