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On October 17th 1945, a spontaneous 300.000 workers mass demonstration demanded the liberation of Col. Juan Domingo Perón, detained by reactionary factions among the Argentine Army.

Briefly acting as Secretary of Labour and Prevision, had granted Unions with strong social justice policies.
His doctrine called Justicialism proposed a "Third Position", instigating an virtuous and inclussive alliance among Capitalist and Workers.

@peron Peronism is the worst thing that happened to Argentina. it brought populism and destroyed years of economic, social and cultural growth. Peron was a totalitarian leader, he played with the right and the left. and it was the greatest exposure to political violence, which was brought down in the 1976 coup.
Moreover, the decrees of annihilation were signed by his wife.


@MartaMicale93 The Annnihilation Decrees were not signed by ill Perón's Widow. They carry the signature of I. Lúder as acting president.
The Decree does not start (and that is completely proofed on court) a Dirty War.
The presidential decree 261/1975 stated that the "general command of the Army will proceed to all of the necessary military operations to the effect of neutralizing or annihilating the actions of the subversive elements acting in Tucumán Province."

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@MartaMicale93 Human right violations were not cause of the Conmotion Decree. Its a judiciary ridicule to claim a Decree as a tool to disallow a democratic govermenmt, took power and commit crimes agains Humanity. General Balza himself explained that plenty of times.
IMO the crucial political error was to disallow the 1964 return of Perón to Argentina from his exile in Spain. That peaceful return would have a positive effect on the political scenario without the conmotions of later years.

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