Today is Loyalty Day in . ✌️

On October 17th 1945, a spontaneous 300.000 workers mass demonstration demanded the liberation of Col. Juan Domingo Perón, detained by reactionary factions among the Argentine Army.

Briefly acting as Secretary of Labour and Prevision, had granted Unions with strong social justice policies.
His doctrine called Justicialism proposed a "Third Position", instigating an virtuous and inclussive alliance among Capitalist and Workers.

@peron Peronism is the worst thing that happened to Argentina. it brought populism and destroyed years of economic, social and cultural growth. Peron was a totalitarian leader, he played with the right and the left. and it was the greatest exposure to political violence, which was brought down in the 1976 coup.
Moreover, the decrees of annihilation were signed by his wife.

@peron #Peronism went to companies and "asked for donated" bicycles and then gave them away. Exponent of populism and institutional violence.

@peron More serious is the case of #Peron and Nelly Rivas, I even had a court case. But the totalitarian power of Peron stopped everything. To defend #Peronism is to defend this. it's kind of gross.


@MartaMicale93 Poor Nelly Rivas, she was a UES activist an STILL TODAY some are claiming she was some kind of prostitute.
Still with these lies. She was a political young activist.
You can get a sense of the suffering of the Justicialist movement when TODAY, on 2021, still are women critizising a 1950s female activist as a prostitute.

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