@peron I'll have to open up my US Robotics HST 9600 and photograph it.

image caption: An aesthetically pleasant circuit board project, all finished. All the resistors and micro chips are aligned the same way; the colors (especially the green circuit board) are bright but not irritating. The components look close together but not cramped.

It all looks just orderly and neat.

BTW what's the board for? I see it has a volume knob, some input pins and a speaker, so I think it might be some prototype programmable microcomputer with audio functions, but I'm not certain.

wait a sec - the hayes brand, the power transformer, the phone jack, the relays... it's an external modem, isn't it?

@yuki Of course. Its a external Smartmodem board. You are missing the astounding 7 red status LEDs.

Ah, so THAT's what they were! I thought they were connectors at first.

@peron Put some content warning on this kind of sexy stuff next time...geeez
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