Serial null modem! Who used this lovely crap?

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@peron Yes, I did. But mostly the 25-pin version. The new fangled 9-pin versions is too new.

@loke Not really! There were 9 pin null-modems as easly as in the mid 80s, for sure. But 25 pin serial IS the way to go IMO.

@peron I'm sure they existed, but I don't recall seeing computers with them until the 90's.

@peron Had a handheld computer that had the serial port situation backwards of everything else, so had to use one of these and a port adapter to deal with the fact both ends had pins and I needed one with holes.

@BalooUriza So you required the female 9 pin connector. Some of these null modems involved male-female cross links too!

@peron I literally couldn't find anybody who got a Windows CE machine to connect to anything other than a serial modem without having to resort to a null modem and an adapter.

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