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@timttmy @theru I was thinking about that. Mine's a changeable reservation and I wondered if any promo code could be added on (subtracted more like) after the event. Guess we wait and see.

@theru @timttmy I have booked a room at the venue hotel. Not the cheapest, but not too bad. It's about a 6-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly. Ken Fallon will be at OggCamp too this year

I hear the venue for this year's OggCamp 19/20 October is decided. It's the Pendulum Hotel

@paul Too true. I like my cat to be in at night because she's small and gets picked on by the big cats, so I trained her to come back when I blow a dog whistle. I also give her treats at 9pm daily and she knows what time it is and is usually there waiting. The whole thing works amazingly well!

@Luke @paul Oooh! Nasty! Our cat used to hunt frogs at one time, but just smacked them about. The ones I rescued were all making a screaming noise when I found them.

@paul I have avoided the cat flap so far and am so glad I've done so! πŸ˜ƒ

@paul Last year I'd either find bits of birds and mice on the back doorstep, or if I was not alert enough, somewhere inside the house - the front doormat was a favourite place. One time my daughter and I had fun catching a live mouse dropped in the living room too. So many places to hide!

@paul Found our cat confronting a wood pigeon a few weeks ago. They both looked shocked! I checked the pigeon and it seemed unhurt and flew off when I let it go.

It's a pleasant spring day in Scotland. This morning's "gift" from the cat was a sparrow I managed to take from her quickly. I could feel its heart beating and its very rapid breathing. Managed to distract the ferocious feline and let the sparrow fly away. Living with a cat is interesting.

@clacke One of my recent triumphs after 9 years of retirement was to get the UK tax people to acknowledge that I no longer need to fill in the annual form. My work and state pensions are both taxed at source, so what more do they need?

@Luke Damn! You saw through my cunning ruse! πŸ˜‰

@Luke In conversation yesterday I discovered that this is specific to the UK and possibly Poland. Other countries keep going all day.

@clacke It's in my list! I was going to talk about it during a bunch of function episodes later this year πŸ˜ƒ
Seriously though, there's room for us all, and it's good to have variety. Thanks for the contribution πŸ‘

@beni Shoot the sparrows for the hawk as he homes in on them?

When I set up a bird feeder in my back garden I didn't consider that I'd also be feeding the predatory birds. Just watching a male Sparrowhawk plucking, then eating, a victim.


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