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@claudiom Now fixed. Let me know if there are any remaining issues!

I'll also drop your comment if that is OK.

@claudiom Regarding your show 2783 and the fact the backslashes were removed from the notes. I have just emailed you about it.

@clacke I have access and have had a look. It's PHP and I think it's the use of 'stripslashes' on the form contents. Of course, this function strips backslashes! I imagine the goal originally was to de-quote stuff that's on its way to the database, but the form data gets dropped into a file - which I post-process.

@clacke No. It's on a Gitlab server run by but access is restricted due to various policy decisions. We have to tackle this soon!

@clacke I have taken it upon myself to intercept all (top level) show notes and fix them as necessary, turning them into HTML as required. This helps to prevent issues with uploading to where notes can be sanitised out of existence if they don't conform to their requirements.

@clacke I saw this on my last visit to this aspect of Bash but held off talking about it (I'm always worried about driving away my audience).
Feel free to do a show on it if you would like.

@clacke I think you are right, it's the form - or more likely something behind the form that's sanitising the HTML. I haven't noticed this here before, probably because people don't sent in much HTML. Much of it is plain text or a Markdown variant which I process for them.

@clacke Doh! I just saw your Gitlab notes, and realised the answer was "yes!". Fixed - awaiting Ken's ministrations.

@clacke Thanks for the show. Your examples 6 and 7 contain: printf '%sn'. I assume you meant: printf '%s\n' (backslash n in case anything gets stripped by Mastodon). Shall I adjust it accordingly?

Listening to the "This Week in Microbiology" podcast. They are discussing how Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterium that causes gum disease (ginginvitis), is implicated in Alzheimer's disease. Scary if true, but it holds out some hope for prevention - and warns us to look after our dental hygiene!

@clacke Indeed. With the recent arrival of version 5 I'd been looking at differences there, but my roadmap, though a bit vague at present, is aimed at redirection , pipes, functions and similar in the short to medium term.

@clacke Think of the show potential!! I have co-processes on my list for Bash Tips, but way out in the future.

@clacke Quite sad I think. My parents moved from the London area to Norwich in 1956 or so and as a child I was shocked at how different the accents were between the two places. The Norfolk accent was impenetrable to my young ears with its weird words like "frawn" for cold (Norman French I think), and weird ways of speaking. Now it's pretty much a continuum from London outwards, and all those rich accents have largely gone.

@claudiom Nice. I have written stuff using Awk to do frequency counts but 'uniq -c' is so elegant.
Also, in Bash the newline for the first 'tr' can be written as $'\n' rather than the two line thing.
Not sure about the sed bit. I'd have used 'sed -n 1p' but maybe I'm wrong ;-)

@clacke If it was me I'd probably try and convince myself it was skill rather than luck 😉

@clacke It certainly seemed well paced to me, and with questions at the end it fit the time well. Other presentations I watched over-ran quite a bit. I think I got the flavour of what you're doing and am intrigued to know more.

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