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@clacke Having watched several videos from the same room it struck me that many people had the same problems. Also, as an aside, the camera or production work was often poor in the way the videos swapped between slides and presenter. You saw the presenter when you really wanted to read the slides in detail. Also many were caught by the shortness of the time slot.

@clacke Have a good journey.
I've been browsing the FOSDEM videos today from the Minimalistic Languages Devroom. Your talk was interesting, though a large proportion of it was over my head. Nicely done though!
Watched the Perl 6 talk and the Tcl one so far.

@NYbill I added tags and stuff to your show 1338 yesterday. The link to JRob's blog was dead, but I was happy to find that it's available on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). That's a great service πŸ‘

@clacke Those are the criteria of success in my book. Maybe not world-shaking success but a positive outcome nonetheless. πŸ‘
I couldn't watch live (though the feeds are good this year) but I'll have a look once it's on the server.

It's odd that under Bash 5 'select' lists its elements vertically all the time whereas previously it arranged them in columns across the screen. I can't seem to control this, though you'd expect LINES and COLUMNS to influence it.

@cobra2 @ericbuijs Thanks for the reference. I hope the Bash shows on are helpful.

Well that's Burns Night properly celebrated with (vegetarian) haggis, neeps and tatties. I'm not Scottish so I drew the line at addressing the haggis and all that sort of stuff.

@beni The university I worked at would apportion leave to new starts according to the number of days left in the "leave year" and the annual allowance. That algorithm must be locked into my brain!

@beni I assumed you were saying you didn't have much leave immediately after joining your new employment in August. If you are able to make it that would be very cool.

@beni Shame you can't make it. Maybe another year.
Still, it will be good if you can manage
/cc @ghostdancer

@beni @ghostdancer Yes, congratulations. Does that mean you can make it to OggCamp 19 (19/20 October, Manchester)? πŸ˜‰

@theru @timttmy Oh, that would be nice! Maybe get the HPR OggCamp crew together again!

@timttmy Did you see that OggCamp 19 ( has been announced? It's in Manchester on 19/20 October. No venue announced yet though.

@clacke I wish they were still around, they were so cool. Not fun to maintain though, and hell to run in a multi-user environment. I wrote some interface stuff for a Calcomp plotter on the university VAXcluster where I worked in the 1980's. It had to take stuff off a print queue, print a user banner on the plotter before running the plot. So many times the plot went backwards over the paper and wrote all over the last user's stuff - until we mastered the management of it.

@clacke As a Biology undergrad in the early 1970's a lot of dendrograms (mainly Botanical) were being printed on the main university graph plotter (I think generated by FORTRAN programs). The world has changed a lot since then.

These are magnificent!

@clacke I was looking at the FOSDEM schedule earlier. Sadly no Perl Devroom this year, though there's a Perl stand. I've found the people on there to be very welcoming in the past. There are two Perl talks: one about parsing languages with Perl6 and one about "Perl11" a compiler that is planned to handle Perl 5 - and Perl6 in due course. Sadly, I'm not attending this year, but I'd have gone to these two talks if I had πŸ˜‰

Finally cooked Christmas dinner for the family. Son & girlfriend were visiting her parents on the day, but sadly they both got food poisoning later😞 Then I got the flu (real "kill me now, I'm coughing my lungs up" flu) and today was the first day of being semi-human again. Made a nut loaf, and other vegetarian stuff. Very good.

@chalkahlom Absolutely superb! I only seem to know cats that hate being photographed πŸ˜‰

Happy New Year by the way. It's been a while since we've been in touch.

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