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@clacke I was looking at the FOSDEM schedule earlier. Sadly no Perl Devroom this year, though there's a Perl stand. I've found the people on there to be very welcoming in the past. There are two Perl talks: one about parsing languages with Perl6 and one about "Perl11" a compiler that is planned to handle Perl 5 - and Perl6 in due course. Sadly, I'm not attending this year, but I'd have gone to these two talks if I had πŸ˜‰

Finally cooked Christmas dinner for the family. Son & girlfriend were visiting her parents on the day, but sadly they both got food poisoning later😞 Then I got the flu (real "kill me now, I'm coughing my lungs up" flu) and today was the first day of being semi-human again. Made a nut loaf, and other vegetarian stuff. Very good.

@chalkahlom Absolutely superb! I only seem to know cats that hate being photographed πŸ˜‰

Happy New Year by the way. It's been a while since we've been in touch.

@claudiom This is a brilliant site, originated by a guy who now works for Pimoroni in Sheffield (Phil Howard, @Gadgetoid). You can work out if two (or more?) GPIO devices conflict since the site documents many of them as well as the Pi

@NYbill Can't turn down an offer like that πŸ˜‰
I was offered some Sun rack-mount servers a few years back. I was tempted but when I thought of the power those things need and the noise they make I thought better of it.

@NYbill That is cool!

I have a DEC Vaxstation (3100?) in my computer room (aka attic) with SCSI drives, a DAT tape drive and a TLZ04 tape unit. I borrowed from work it about 15 years ago and they didn't want it back. I don't think it's been turned on for 10 years. I plan to do an HPR episode on it some time - if it still runs OpenVMS and DECwindows!

@claudiom Have you been reading the Vim Advent Calendar? I only recently came across it. It's at

@clacke Well, though I find this hard to believe, welcome on board then πŸ˜‰

@clacke I assumed the world *hated* them (or maybe worse, saw them as the ravings of an old fart ;-)

I killed them off for episode 14 and onwards. That means I'll never make it to the planned "New improved organic gluten-free Bash tips" of course, but by then I'd probably have lost any remaining marbles πŸ˜€

Thanks for the comment though!

@beni @NYbill At least next time round you can zoom through much faster!
I'm an inveterate note-taker so I have to record stuff I do. It's useful because I have a terrible memory.
Also, I learn more about how to use Wikitext every time I add to my Wiki.

@NYbill It's a great brain-teaser, and most enjoyable. I'm logging my progress on my local private (backed up) Mediawiki instance bearing in mind your experience of losing your text file!

@NYbill I'm at 13, but have had to stop otherwise nothing gets done today!

@NYbill By the way, I was just listening to your HPR show 2694. It got me to try "Bandit" from Wow is this addictive!

I blame you πŸ˜‰

Thanks though...

@NYbill @chalkahlom Hi Bill. I was taught Latin at school - at least the teaching came my way, but very little of it stuck - however, I do remember that 'nil' is Latin for nothing. It's a contraction of 'nihil' I believe. So really football supporters should be saying "nihil nihil" πŸ˜‰

@Jason_Dodd Oh too true. I first heard Bollywood music when I lived in Manchester (UK) in the 1970's, and the local cinema started showing such films. I then found the local radio had film music programmes and really loved lots of what I heard.

@Jason_Dodd I like listening to Asha Bhosle (and her sister Lata Mangeshkar)

@Jason_Dodd A 3 button trackpoint is not something I've used, so I defer to your experience.

Yes, the rebuilt keyboard was an amazing Christmas present given I know it took a lot of time to strip down and rebuild, not to speak of the setting up of the controller software. It's really cool πŸ˜ƒ

@Jason_Dodd Each to his own. I mainly use a desktop with keyboard and mouse, and if not that a laptop with USB keyboard and mouse, so I want a big clunky keyboard if I can get one.

@Jason_Dodd No. My son had refurbished this old IBM keyboard and added an ATtiny controller and given it to me as a present. In reassembling it he'd swapped these keys. I have his keycap puller and simply swapped the keys. It's out of service just now because the ATtiny microUSB to USB-A cable I installed failed and needs replacing, then it'll be my main (noisy but great to use) keyboard.

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