@ken_fallon @klaatu Seems reasonable. After which the rate will return to normal of course.

@ken_fallon @klaatu There will of course be a concomitant reduction in the fees, I have no doubt.

@ken_fallon @klaatu I get the same effect as what I assume you were going for with:

export PS1='\e[1;32m\! \d \t \h:\w \n% \e[m'

@ken_fallon @archer72 Just looked, and there's not one scintilla of HTML in those notes. Nicely laid out in plain text, but no markup of any kind 🤣

@ken_fallon @archer72 There's a potential project there: stalking through the older shows hunting for dead links, and the like.

@claudiom I know the worry. Both of mine (30 and 26) are double vaccinated, but my eldest (son) was on holiday in Greece recently, and I was not comfortable.

Best wishes to you and yours!

@claudiom So sorry to hear about your son. I hope he shakes off this accursed virus.

@Ahuka Haha! That would be the first change on my list. It's time we got rid of these ***s. Further down the list would be proportional representation, a shake-up of education, proper funding of the NHS, disestablishment, reversal of Brexit, etc, etc. Like I say, I'm probably quite politically naive but even I can see the desperate need for some of these changes.

@Ahuka I've ignored politics most of my life, but since retiring I've begun to realise the truth (or that's how it seems anyway). The Labour Manifesto under Corbyn seemed wonderful; maybe a bit unrealistic, but what many had been waiting for for years. He was removed by a dirty campaign which seemed to be backed by both sides. His ideas were too "radical" I suspect. Too many influential people wanted him gone, maybe because he could have made the changes we really need.

@Ahuka Trouble is the other side of the rotating door is just as repulsive as the current ones. Plus the electoral system has been constructed to be unfair ("first past the post" versus "proportional representation"). Our lot(s) are just as much in bed with the billionaires as yours are as far as I can see - just as corrupt. We have had people who seem better than the mainstream but they have been ousted by hate campaigns.

@Ahuka Yes indeed. It's become apparent that the vaccines reduce the impact of the virus (the original variant affected more and the Delta variant less it seems) but it's still possible to catch it and pass it on. The effects of post-vaccine COVID vary depending on viral load, age, co-morbidities and other factors probably. The infection of others is a significant problem, so keeping up protections is the sensible thing to do! Our government are idiots in my opinion.

@Ahuka Not, I suspect, if someone else tells you what to think.

@clacke @ken_fallon We used to request notes be <= 4000 bytes in length because of potential problems with the RSS feeds. I took to making short and long notes myself at that time. I think the RSS problems still exist (though Ken can comment in more detail) so splitting long notes would be very helpful.

@Ahuka I think I'm misled by the leaflets at my Medical Centre. In the UK, ages between 70 and 79 are eligible for the shingles vaccine. I'll be asking soon. My dad had shingles and it's a miserable thing.
No, I'll be masking and avoiding as before, but it's good to know the virus makes you stronger (after vaccination of course)!

@Ahuka Interesting the differences from the UK. I'm not old enough for shingles yet (72 in December), and our flu stuff probably starts up in October. There's talk of getting a Covid booster shot, but I'm hearing two main opinions on this: 1) it's a waste of time, 2) getting exposed to the actual virus after being fully vaccinated will boost immunity many fold. Reasoning is that the vaccines just produce immunity to a few spike proteins whereas the virus itself offers many more immune targets

@ademalsasa I run a private mediawiki instance on a Raspberry Pi where I "blog" in the sense that I keep inventories, notes, time-related journals, and all manner of stuff. Some of it is generated with scripts which build the necessary markup from databases and insert with the provided PHP tools.

@clacke I emailed you earlier about the comment you sent for show 3402. Mail was sent to ...lysator.liu.se

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