@ghostdancer @Luke Haha! I must have missed the "Storm Area69" announcement πŸ˜†

@Luke @ghostdancer Just got my third. I had put it down to my considerable maturity and the fact there are some very discerning bots out there in the wild!
So disappointed to find I'm not exclusive πŸ˜‰

@jezra @NYbill That would be great. The conveyor belt does not stop (except at weekends perhaps)!

@jezra Glad you know more about what's going on. You didn't wake me up anyway; it was just past my bedtime ;-) @NYbill

@chalkahlom I'm no expert, but I'd guess that there are a number of varieties. I have seen them with cherry red skins, and green with yellow and red parts. I think the redness of the crabapple jelly might be because the fruit tends to change colour when exposed to air, but I might be wrong.

@chalkahlom @lnxw48a1 My mum used to collect these and make a wonderful crabapple jelly from them. The process adds sugar (of course) and boils the apples a lot and then the result is strained through muslin, making a semi-transparent jelly. These apples are full of pectin, a great gelling agent. The jelly can be eaten like jam or used as a garnish with pork as I recall.

@chalkahlom Whoosh! That one just went right over my head.
On a domestic note I have rescued 3 mice in 4 days as my cat brings them in to the house alive and usually not looking too battered. Today's was a tiny little thing that looked like a recent pup making its way in the world. I now put on gardening gloves to grab them since I have found those incisors are very sharp!

@chalkahlom That ranks alongside 'lead balloon flying' I imagine

@Jason_Dodd I too enjoy this process of playing about with words.

I have been fully expecting an announcement that your new hobby is keeping Honing Pigeons πŸ˜‰

@chalkahlom Collagen being a protein that doesn't trigger an immune response? Or not a strong one? Not sure.

@chalkahlom I'd heard something about this on another podcast. I think heart parts have been produced experimentally by taking the collagen from the heart of another individual (pig?) and building cells onto that framework. Not sure what cells exactly, but I believe they did generate the physical structure which showed some heart behaviour (contraction?).

All from memory so probably flawed...

@Jason_Dodd In some cases (admittedly it's usually feeds I avoid like the plague) there seems to be no RSS at all.

@kevie She was particularly merry and might have suffered a little afterwards! Still it was good to meet her and to have her along with us for the evening.

@kevie Didn't realise you were heading back so soon. It was great to meet up on Saturday! Hope you have a good return flight.

It was reported to be the hottest day on record in Edinburgh yesterday: 31 centigrade. It has cooled a lot today, around 24 degrees here, and tomorrow rain (possibly heavy) is forecast and it'll be cooler still.

@chalkahlom I don't recall it being on our VAXCluster (nor on the DEC Alphas we replaced it with), but maybe a VAXstation running DEC Windows (an early X environment) could run it - slowly πŸ˜‰

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