@clacke I just tried writing a SQLite DB thing that runs multiple queries from a parsed data file, and decided to use Bash coproc to feed the queries in a loop. Might have been some file descriptor weirdnesses (not sure), but it works. Is it worth an following on from your show 2793?

@archer72@mastodon.xyz Thanks for sending in a show to . Unfortunately there's no media attached. Can you email it in perhaps?

That's show 16, the last in the Gnu Awk series recorded on Mumble with my long-term co-host b-yeezi. It's been an interesting journey since July 2016.

@clacke I emailed you about an issue with the notes for your show 2807. Unfortunately on archive.org the notes are a mess!

@claudiom@mastodon.xyz Regarding your show 2783 and the fact the backslashes were removed from the notes. I have just emailed you about it.

@clacke Thanks for the show. Your examples 6 and 7 contain: printf '%sn'. I assume you meant: printf '%s\n' (backslash n in case anything gets stripped by Mastodon). Shall I adjust it accordingly?

@NYbill I added tags and stuff to your show 1338 yesterday. The link to JRob's blog was dead, but I was happy to find that it's available on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). That's a great service 👍

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