Been debugging my keyboard this evening, trying to find out why the F10 key wasn't working:

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@perloid hopefully no dead #bug under the cap… what is that PCB board? A usb sniffer?

@mcscx No, simply a sequence error 😉

The PCB is a "BlinkStick!" ( This is the version 1.0 build it yourself model. See my HPR show for build details if you're interested.

@perloid  interesting… These LED enclosures look nice… like out of old science fiction films… already retro today

@mcscx Yes, agreed. I also like the "Blinkt!" strip for the Raspberry Pi ( I did another HPR episode on using that 😉

@Jason_Dodd Strangely the F10 key did what the F11 should do, and vice versa. No idea why that should be... 😉

@Jason_Dodd No. My son had refurbished this old IBM keyboard and added an ATtiny controller and given it to me as a present. In reassembling it he'd swapped these keys. I have his keycap puller and simply swapped the keys. It's out of service just now because the ATtiny microUSB to USB-A cable I installed failed and needs replacing, then it'll be my main (noisy but great to use) keyboard.

@perloid That makes sense. I love those keyboards, too. But I like ones with trackpoint better so I settled a rubber dome ibm space saver ii.

@Jason_Dodd Each to his own. I mainly use a desktop with keyboard and mouse, and if not that a laptop with USB keyboard and mouse, so I want a big clunky keyboard if I can get one.

@perloid Don't get me wrong, I love that keyboard, too. If I hadn't fallen in love with the trackpoint, I'd be using a honking buckling spring myself. In fact I started with the famous model m on a dumb terminal.

If I could find one with 3 button trackpoint, I'd go for it.

And, if I may, that's one heck of a gift!

@Jason_Dodd A 3 button trackpoint is not something I've used, so I defer to your experience.

Yes, the rebuilt keyboard was an amazing Christmas present given I know it took a lot of time to strip down and rebuild, not to speak of the setting up of the controller software. It's really cool 😃

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