@mcnalu Hi there! Since is so flaky at the moment I'm using Mastodon on SDF in the meantime.

@perloid hello. I'm also having gnusocial issues. Might join you and @beni on Mastodon add until matters improve.
@beni @perloid sorry, 'add' was autocorrect, meant 'add' of course. On other matters, how was today's cycle?

@perloid @mcnalu flat but quite some distance. All in all almost 70 miles. It was nice to have no hills for a change, though. And the weather was perfect, almost too warm.

@beni @perloid I walked with children for a few km along the canal to the west of where you joined it. Was too warm for us but then we jumped in an outdoor swimming pool. Which was very nice.
@beni @perloid arrrrrrrr! It did it again and I failed to correct it again cos I thought the quotes would stop it. S D F. There, did it.
@beni @perloid yeah, it's crazy. Keeps inserting BBC randomly as well.
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