@NYbill Decided to have a look at Mastodon on SDF, to see if I like it :-)

@perloid I like the theme and look of it. Only problem is, when it goes down, its not my server. There is nothing I can do about it but wait.

@NYbill Yes, good point. I've got used to occasional outages on, so not a huge deal. Not sure about the interface though, with the narrow strips down the screen. Maybe it's configurable, I haven't looked yet. The 500 character limit is better than 140 on Very happy about that!

@perloid I found the 4 panel thing a bit weird at first. Then it clicked that they are all doing different things. It kind of made sense to me after a while. Left most you type in, next to the right is your time line, next is personal replies, 4th over could be a couple of things. Click on a name, you see their profile. Click on a message you see the convo.

If you have an Android phone there is a app called Tusky (in Fdroid). Seems to work well. Swipe left/right to the different panes.

@NYbill Yes, the idea is good, but I'd like to be able to expand/shrink/move panels around like a desktop app. Plus the right 1/3 of my screen is unused, which bothers me :-)

@perloid Ah, I never use my whole screen on the desktop. Its all stuff in multiple windows. 4 desktops with different terminals and apps going in each.

We all have our different work flows.

But mine is right! <- :P

@NYbill No, mine's right! Xfce, 8 virtual desktops, 2 monitors, often with one project/task per desktop (e.g. Vim on the left monitor, Qupzilla showing processed Markdown on the right).
Do I ever get confused between it all? No, certainly not, never (honest) ;-)

@NYbill That's both a plus and a minus. Remember when Identica went down every time Evan got on a plane?

@lnxw48a1 I was leaning toward it being bad in general. We should all use our own servers. Or else everyone bogs down one persons server. (just like what happened with We should all share the load.

I just don't have my current (new) server 100% yet. So, I'm... um, hitchhiking.

The problem as I see it is it needs to be able to be easily installed on a shared server, esp if looking for single or few people to use. I have tried several times with different flavors and something always seems to hang it up. While I have a home server that could run it I don't know if I want my IP address found that easily.

@geniusmusing I use a VPS service for such things. I've used Linode and Digital Ocean. There are others.

You'll need a domain registrar as well if you want a proper URL. It'll be ~$10 a month all told.

The instance you spin up will have its own IP and you administer it from your local rig.

Its also handy to be able to SSH/tunnel to the VPS when you're on public WIFI.

For instance, this server is not in my house:

I already have shared hosting for 4 domains (3 are mine) and use them for things like NextCloud, TTRSS, Wordpress, etc. all of which install from zip or web, have config during the install process and work on shared hosting. The people that need to be switching to open may lack the basic skills that we take for granted as being easy.
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