waking up this morning to the sad news that @ollyclarkdotorg passed away last December. Having known him since way back in the days of identi.ca this is very sad indeed.

@dick_turpin @ollyclarkdotorg no idea what happened, our friend @tpheine alerted us this morning on a Snikket server I'm part of

@kevie OK.

Hey @tpheine where have yo heard about Ollie because I Tweeted about it and people are pretty sad.

@kevie @dick_turpin @tpheine

@perloid Can we add this to the community news, as I'm sure a lot of @HPR lisnters would like to be informed.


@ken_fallon @kevie @dick_turpin @tpheine
Sure thing. That's some very sad and surprising news. He was at most of the OGGcamps I've attended.

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