@clacke I thought you might be interested to know that I have resurrected the project where I upload older HPR shows to It's a bit laborious and needed some new tools, but I have just finished uploading 866-870, and will continue to process blocks of shows on a regular basis.
Thanks for your question about this 😉

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@perloid That is awesome.

While you're putting in the real work, meanwhile in fantasyland I'm thinking it would be cool to patch Funkwhale to use arbitrary URLs as a backing store, so that an HPR account could present the whole catalog from without uploading all the gigabytes.

I've been thinking the same about PeerTube. There is a loooot of conference stuff on e.g. FOSDEM and Debian mirrors, and it would be cool to have that all searchable and natively shareable on fedi.

Any year now.
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