A sad day today. We lost our little cat Misty to cancer. She was my daughter's cat really but she'd been my nearly constant companion for the past 11 years. She was a rescue cat we adopted on the 31st January 2010; a cute little tortoiseshell. RIP little buddy!

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@perloid that's a shame, sorry for the loss of your long time pet. Raise a glass for them tonight 🥃

@ghostdancer Thanks. At 12 years of age we hoped she'd have many more years of life, but it wasn't to be.

@perloid I've never had a pet, but I've seen friends and I know they are part of the family (even the cats 🙂) So at least I hope she didn't suffer too much.

@ghostdancer We had dogs, cats, and sundry other pets as I grew up. I was never all that fond of the cats back then; more of a dog person. This one changed my mind since she was intelligent and affectionate, very much part of the family.
I think she had a fairly easy departure; the illness didn't seem to really hit her until the last 2 days.

@perloid Dave, it's difficult losing a family member. Thinking of you mate, even over a week later.

@SolusSpider Thanks. It's a shock when you realise, after they have gone, how much these little furry beings have become part of your life.

@perloid My Dragon-in-Law has been staying with us for the past 9 months, after she had a round of surgeries.
In that time I have been going to her house daily to feed outside cats, and twice a week to feed the inside cats.
They definitely become part of your life.

As things stand three dogs and six cats in a 30m2 one-room house -- so definitely part of life :-)

Noggin and Libby dying in recent years completely destroyed me. The two most special dogs I've ever lived with.

@elmussol Sorry to hear about the loss of your dogs. I've had dogs in the past. You can build a tremendous rapport with them and miss them so much when they go.

@perloid Sorry to hear it, pal. We are just starting a journey with a pet. I happened across its life span while looking for expected adult weight. It was a quick calculation. :/

@NYbill Thanks! It can be a sobering thought how short their lifespans are. Enjoy every minute of it though! Keep plenty of memories: photos, videos, written stuff if you can. There are so many rewards. Best wishes for your journey 😃

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