My son's away this week and he's let me borrow his Elecom Huge trackball because I was wondering if should buy one. An interesting device. Very different from the Logitech gaming mouse I usually use and initially pretty difficult to get used to!

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I recently switched to a vertical mouse and must admit that it's great although I am used to a mouse since 26 years. Next level may be a vertical trackball 😂

@tpheine I don't get wrist or hand RSI just shoulder rotator cuff pain, so I'm not sure if a trackball will help. Still, it's interesting to try something different and force my old brain to re-learn old habits!

For years I've used a trackball with my left hand, so I can more conveniently use the number pad with my right. I'm right-handed, but it works well for me.

@publius That's an interesting idea. Not something I'd want to do myself though it'd be an intriguing challenge

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