@archer72 Thanks for sending in a show to . Unfortunately there's no media attached. Can you email it in perhaps?

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I saw that and emailed it right afterwards.

@archer72 Stuff to that address gets sent to Ken and myself, and I didn't see anything. I suspect the strong protective measures on the server blocked it - silently.

@perloid I forwarded it to the email on your Correspondents page.

Thanks, next time I will select the content first and get show notes after.

@archer72 I have a virtual sticky note with a checklist which I work through when I'm uploading a show! I have been known to screw this process up many times without it.

@archer72 I don't think its you that's being blocked, but the content. HPR has a (subsidised) hosted service in an operation with lots of other features. Josh, the owner of the hosting company is protecting us and all his other users, so things like this are complex and I wouldn't want to burden him with special requests.

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