@claudiom I'm just listening to the HPR New Year show number 4 where you mention that you're preparing tags for your shows 672 and 722. I don't seem to have received them. Did you manage to finish them and send them in, or was there a problem?


@perloid Yeah, I know. I was embarrassed myself when I heard it. I started them but then things just got in the way. I'll try and send them to you later tonight. 😣

@perloid Just sent the tags and summaries from my SDF e-mail. Hope that it's done correctly. 👍

@claudiom Perfect! Thanks for doing this. I have added the tags and summaries and updated the document which tallies what's missing. 😁

@claudiom No problem. I know how it is! Don't let me pressure you - when you have time is fine.

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