@clacke You wouldn't happen to be going to FOSDEM 2020 would you? We're running a "Free Culture Podcasts" stand on the Sunday.
[Hope this address is correct! Had a "senior moment" sending this earlier]

@perloid Thanks for asking!

Would have loved to, but I've used and will use up my leave for family. I hope it won't be too many years before I go again. It's been 2016 and 2019 thus far and I still want very much to go back again.

@clacke I just wondered. We were both there in 2016 but failed to meet up (understandable due to the size of the thing). I didn't want the same to happen this year. Hope to get a chance to meet at some time!

@perloid Yeah, I learned from my mistakes last time around (2019) and looked people up before going, and once there I focused on meeting people rather than optimizing talk attendance.

Unfortunately you weren't able to make it, and now this time around I won't instead. Hopefully we'll sync up some year and third time'll be the charm. 😀
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