Cooked a vegetarian haggis tonight for dinner for my daughter and I. Not a brand I'd seen before "Simon Howie", but I thought it tasted pretty good.
Reading the ingredient list (afterwards) I notice it contains *palm oil*, a well-known Scottish product.
I feel like a jungle burner and orang-utan murderer now 😭

@perloid next time you could directly prepare an orang-utan haggis and save the detour... 😋

@beni Haha! I was going to put something like that in my original post, but I held back on the grounds of sensitivity 😆

@perloid How can it be haggis without the "awful".

@Ahuka Actually, the vegetarian haggis offerings in Scotland are not bad. I'm not vegetarian myself but my (extended) family mostly are, and they love these - with "neeps" (swede) and "tatties" (mashed potato). I added onion gravy to the mix this year and it's even more popular.

I was brought up eating all varieties of offal, but the true haggis has never been something I've been motivated to sample!

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