(3) In the scenario where you have deleted an obsolete gpg key from your keyring, checking to see it it has gone with gpg --list-keys <dead_key_id> might be unwise because you'll get a trustdb rebuild which might be very slow.

@perloid I just meant you're deep into in this evening. Carry on. If we don't see you in a day or so, we'll send out the dogs.

@NYbill Yes, I know, I'm in deep. It's past my bedtime too! I'm sharing my frustration as a way of letting off steam. 😡

@perloid Well, I'll have you know, a storm is moving into NY at ATM. Enough steam, man!

@NYbill Strange stuff that Scottish steam!
My son just messaged me from Tokyo (where it's coming up to 7am) to say that there's a heavy rainstorm there too.
World wide wet weather!

@perloid ;) Night night. You'll be up way before me. (5:50pm here) So, if you could make a full English and warm my truck up for me...

@NYbill Full Scottish. I'll run oot and catch a wee haggis in the mornin'

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