@cstanhope @perloid The question literally said that it would be nice to be able to play with the code interactively without having to write shell script files.

Maybe there's an intuitive leap required to understand that the shell and the language are the same, a leap nobody can remember having made when thinking back on it 26 years later.

Or maybe it's 35 years later, considering that Commodore BASIC was also a RE_L and an OS interface combined, much like a shell is. And inbetween I used the Amiga Shell, of course.

@clacke @cstanhope I hardly ever use REPL stuff myself. Possibly because I learnt Algol 60 on a punched card system originally and probably never really shed that mindset in the past nearly 50 years.

@perloid @cstanhope I REPL far less than I could and possibly should. People who work live in LISP servers claim to be very productive and @cwebber 's live hacking talk with his MUD was very impressive, but I've never really done that so I guess I don't know what I'm missing.

I try small things out in a REPL, quickly test and poke the interface of a function I'm about to use, or experiment with an algorithm I'm designing. But my main cycle is the write, (compile,) run cycle, even with Racket, Tcl and bash.

@clacke @cstanhope That's pretty much how I work too. I still develop stuff in Perl from time to time and use one-liners to verify stuff when I can (especially weird Perl regular expression stuff).

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