Further to Patreon's RSS feed changes, I just noticed that they changed all the guid values too. Many podcatchers use this and the URL to determine if an episode has already been seen. Looks like mine downloaded everything in the feeds last night, all overwriting the one file '1.mp3'.

Is it me or is this really really stupid?

@perloid So annoying, but it's typical web. Nobody reads the old documents like

Re: the filename thing, yeah, that's annoying too. I've encountered some podcasts that use filenames like "podcast.mp3", and that works fine (I think!) in e.g. AntennaPod on the phone, but not in e.g. bashpodder.

@clacke I think the likes of AntennaPod and gPodder take a more defensive stance, whereas bashpodder (and my rewrite of it, which I use all the time) is more trusting and *much* simpler. I noticed that gPodder for instance seems to name files using the item title from the feed. I guess I'll have to do something similar because this type of nonsense is becoming more common.

@clacke Yes, it seems to be the equivalent of filling the feed with glue to prevent ease of use and maintenance.
I wrote to Patreon to complain and "A member of our Community Happiness team will reach out with a response".
Orwellian or what?

@maiyannah @clacke This and similar stuff makes me want to vomit. A bank I use confirms payment of my credit card bill with "Nice one" for example, as does giffgaff, my phone network provider when I pay. Repulsive.

@perloid its very "Greetings, fellow kids" to me
@perloid Patreon doing something really stupid?  Must be a day ending in Y.
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