It's a pleasant spring day in Scotland. This morning's "gift" from the cat was a sparrow I managed to take from her quickly. I could feel its heart beating and its very rapid breathing. Managed to distract the ferocious feline and let the sparrow fly away. Living with a cat is interesting.

@perloid One of our cats tried to stalk a chicken. The chicken won.

@paul @perloid once woke up to our 2 cats ripping a frog apart on my bed. Frogs make a weird barking sound when in distress.


@Luke @paul Oooh! Nasty! Our cat used to hunt frogs at one time, but just smacked them about. The ones I rescued were all making a screaming noise when I found them.

@perloid @paul yes apologies it is a screaming noise. I remember being surprised at the noise as it wasn't at all frog-like!

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